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discoveries via kitty

I am watching a lot more television during the daytime since I have been feeding the Bullet. It's easier for me to sit quietly on the couch with the soulful kitty when I have something to watch on the television. Today, rather than watch House or hunt down some kind of true crime thing I went for free movies on OnDemand television. I found one called Carrington, starring Emma Thompson. It is the story of Dora Carrington, painter, and Lytton Strachey, poet. Strachey was gay but was attracted in an odd way to the boyish Carrington. She returned his affection and grew to love him. It's a tragic story that has many very good and even funny moments. Like this one:

Lady Ottoline Morrell: You know as well as I do it's a sickness with Carrington. A girl of that age still a virgin. It's absurd.
Lytton Strachey: I was still a virgin at her age.
Lady Ottoline Morrell: But that's my whole point. Don't you see ? So was I. Is there to be no progress ?

Strachey found writing difficult and at one point says "I'm better at living than at writing". I can relate to that.

Later, as Strachey lies in bed, deathly ill, he says "If this is dying I don't think much of it".

I have, of course, hunted down images of paintings by Carrington. I rather like them. I had never heard of her before and now I want prints.

therapy on a card

My daughter Mary gave me the PostSecret book for Mothers' Day. I think she knows me well. I first flipped here and there, reading different cards. Then I started at the beginning and I am quickly going through the whole book. I had to set it aside to leave some for later.

Just reading the cards is therapy for me. I read of lost loves, loneliness, obsession, mothers and fathers, loving and not loving children, eating buggers, and so much more. Some of the cards elicit my own memories. Others make my own little troubles quite pale by comparison. When I read one that brings back memories or reminds me of my own thoughts I feel a rush of relief, almost.

I have thought of several I want to send myself now.

The anonymous world attracts me. I leave books (bookcrossing) all over the place; it's nice to find out specifically that they've been picked up but I know they are all picked up and I imagine the next reader or I think of the cleaning person tossing the book in the trash. I send postcards to people all over the world (postcrossing.com), people I do not know and will never meet. I am delighted by the limited, restricted contact I get from this activity. If I send secrets to postsecret I may never know if it makes it to the blog or into the next book. But will that matter? I like this kind of short, abbreviated contact better than I do contact that could develop into something more. Good topic for a postsecret...

Stumble Tuesday

I use stumbleupon to find other websites of interest to me.  It's addictive because the sites tend to be useful, interesting, or beautiful. Today I found:

This is one of many photos of paper art at Peter Calleson's site. I liked this one especially but I like them all. I'd like to have this one on my wall.

In the "useful" department is "dropsend". Sign up and you can send large files (up to one gig) by email! Woo! The free one lets you send up to five times a month, and also allows you to store up to 250 mg of files - whatever you need to save there - on the web.

Finally, for us bookophiles, there is a site that compiled a list of places where you can get free books. It's a post in Friedbeef's Tech, not a name I really want to know much about.  But what a lot of book places! Including, of course, bookcrossing. </a>