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It seems like I'm getting away with it.

I don't work like a dog packing every day. I pull stuff out and pack as much as I feel like. Some days I don't do any packing - yesterday I went to Santa Barbara, toured the mission and took in the art museum. James came by today and I helped him take away one of my bookcases - to his house next door. Other bookcases are closer and closer to being empty and available for transport.

I prowled around Ikea stuff online, seeing if they had furniture that fits my needs. Of course they have so much I am really overwhelmed by it all. I have started to jot down the ones I think I might want. Tomorrow or some other day I figure I'll drive down there for a preliminary look. I will see the items in person, decide if they are what I want, make notes.

Bit by bit things are leaving the house and it is noticeable.

Yesterday the mobile home salesperson called with new info from the park rules: I will  have to install new landscaping and irrigation. I wanted to do that anyway. The only question is if the loan can be used for that purpose.  If not I have to find another way. I found a landscape business online that specializes in the use of native plants, with a lot of experience, and it sounds perfect.  I sent them an email to ask about costs.

So far nothing is looking impossible and I think I can get this packing done without making myself crazy. And yet I am not running around like a nutcase trying to get it all done yesterday. I'm getting away with it.


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