Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


So I went up to Sinsheimer pool at about 11:15 today and learned that I couldn't pay to get in until 11:30 exactly. I sat there a few minutes, contemplating what this means. I could see the crowd showing up and the race to a lane, which I would likely lose. I didn't like the odds. So I went off to the Pismo gym again and got my swim in. It felt good when I hit the water, and I felt grateful that I had a place to swim. I wasn't even particularly sad that I had the "worst" lap lane,the one the stairs enter. I was able to move to the middle lane halfway through and finish there.

I have to decide what now when it comes to swimming. My membership with the pismo gym will expire at the end of this month. I could get a new membership but would have to pay more and may have to pay a startup fee as well. I will ask about that the next time. Alternatively, I could see about Cuesta swim times, see if they make sense. I don't know of any others available. The Sinsheimer times are so limited and so much in demand. I overheard the person at the counter say that the later evening times seem the least crowded, but that isn't when I would want to be swimming.

Now I am sniffly. Just a regular drain.

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