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New day same as the old day...

How very freaky is this? It's Friday but now all of my days are Fridays. So it isn't that special any more. I resent that.


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Jul. 22nd, 2006 06:20 pm (UTC)
Hey, I tried to send this email to you, but I'm getting a lot of bouncebacks from your email address as Undeliverable. Obviously some of them are getting through, but this one didn't, so I'm posting part of it here. ^_^

~ ~ ~
Done - I'll make the change.

For the founder candidates, I also suggest we only post head shots: profile and head-on. That's the only part that will really matter, right? ^_^ We don't need a full-body shot because the bodies themselves don't significantly change. We can tell skintone from the headshot, and the head is where all the important genetics take place anyway. ^_^

For founder candidates: Okay, you, me, and... how about Pixel? She's the one who first gave me the idea for doing a semi-competitive Ugly challenge. :)

Ooh, one last thing I thought of. Some of us (like me and, I think, Pixel, among others) have the replacement Pollination Technician hack. Should that be disabled for the Ugly challenge, or optional? The replacement PTs have smaller eyes and more noselike noses than the standard Maxis aliens, so you don't get the same "ugly" as Maxis alien faces. We could make it optional - people who have replacement PTs can remove the hack when playing the Ishkabibbles, or not, at their choice.

Well, I've heard the occasional guy say he has no life re: games, but it does seem to be women who are the worst offenders. ^_^ I wonder why that is? Of course, women are generally more down on themselves anyway. "I'm so fat/ugly/no good with numbers/clumsy, I have no life, I'm a terrible friend for not keeping in touch with people," etc. Guys don't seem to care as much about that. Maybe they're on to something. ;)

Anyhoo, if you agree about Pixel, I'll contact her, and then with your permission I'll post the rules over at unbeautifulsims, and post a note in simstorytellers to go check out unbeautifulsims for the GUCCI competition. (Group Ugly Concentration Challenge - Ishkabibble, of course!)

Jul. 22nd, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
I wonder why "undeliverable"...hmmm. I will go check things there.

That sounds fine to me, just choose the three, make easier, yes.

Yes, perfect plan. Should we create the founder possibles before you post or just post and let people absorb and think and ask questions?
Jul. 22nd, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
freaky friday
yesterday i woke up convinced it was saturday and wondered where the paper was, gah.

i've been enjoying your swimming entries, btw.
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