Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Death warmed over

I got up at four this morning to make sure I didn't miss the sunrise. Well, I was out there, and I missed it anyway. I drove around in the dark, trying to pick the best places to be when it got lighter, and I saw no sign of sunrise, of the glow in the hills or the touch of warm light on the trees.

Finally, clearly after the sun had risen and I had no new pix in my camera, I went to Pismo and shot some ocean pix, some not bad but when I looked that them later I realized I should have changed various settings. What happens is I get out there and see something I want and I shoot it and then I realize I should have stopped down or opened up the lens or changed the shooting mode or ...

Still, no worry. Not much, anyway. It is only through mistakes that I learn best.

Right now, though, I am as death warmed over. I tried a nap but it didn't take.

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