Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Sunrise, Sunset

My first photo assignment is to submit up to three pairs of photos, each including the same subject both in full daylight and in early or late light. I was disappointed that the thrust of the lesson is that the early and late light is better - I knew this - but I do look forward to submitting photos for critiques, and I am finding the assignment more challenging than I expected. I woke early enough yesterday to go out looking for good sunrise pix - I thought. Actually, the sunrise time was not correct. I was already too late. I went to another weather site and discovered that there are several different sunrise and sunset times.

Specifically, for today (first time is sunrise, second sunset):

Actual Time5:54 AM PDT8:20 PM PDT
Civil Twilight5:25 AM PDT8:49 PM PDT
Nautical Twilight4:48 AM PDT9:26 PM PDT
Astronomical Twilight4:08 AM PDT10:06 PM PDT

Last evening I went out in plenty of time for the sunset, but the subjects I chose were not the best. They light up best in the morning. I should have thought of that, based on where they are and what is in the way of the light.

I think I will go out as early as I can get myself up tomorrow morning, because the weather report says it will be clear, and check the time that seems best. 'Cause the other factor that made the light less than compelling was that it was not clear. It looked all gray.

A couple of days ago I did succeed in getting one pair. I am not going to submit them until I have done more, though, in case I end up with more than three and most are better than this pair:

Full day..

Late afternoon...

I think they show the contrast but they are not all that they could be. My saving grace in photography is that I do recognize when a thing is good and when it is just okay. It means there is hope for me.

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