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Judith Lautner

I braved the Sunday swim traffic jam this morning, and had some luck. When I got there, all lanes were full. Another swimmer came out to wait for a lane and one of the swimmers in the pool offered to share his lane with me - he only had a few minutes left. I joined him. My swimming has improved enough that I can share a lane without too much chance of damaging others in the lane. Still a gamble - for them. By the time I was on my fifteenth lap I was the only one in the pool. My joy at the emptiness only lasted for two laps, but that was enough. I felt generous enough to welcome  two swimmers into the pool by that time. Not literally. Like most lap swimmers, I don't do a lot of chatting and I'm not inclined to pop up and say good morning unless I am already popped up on a break.

I feel a little achey now, but that's pretty normal, swim or not. My neck, mainly.

I ordered a swiMP3, a cool little contraption that plays mp3 files in the water. It uses the bones in your head to transmit the sound, and apparently works very well - but just in case there's an issue I got a one-year warranty, free, from the seller.  I told Mary I plan to take out books-on-CD from the library and record them and listen to them while I swim. She thinks books will be too distracting. I said "All I have to do is count, and I mess up on that even now." But added that if the books are a problem I will just listen to music.

I am not a big fan of distracting myself from what I am doing. I tend to lean toward the "be the pain" rather than "distract yourself from the pain" - I think in terms of the Bradley as opposed to Lamaze childbirth methods (I did in fact use Lamaze; I didn't know about Bradley until later, and hell, it was fine, it worked all right for me). I don't bring my "sounds" with me when I hike because I want to be there fully, in the present, on the hill, feeling the wind, hearing the birds and the rustle of the grasses and the trees. HOWEVER. This lap swimming thing is so artificial that it is difficult indeed to get through it without distraction. If I were a good swimmer or if I were learning a new stroke I wouldn't consider any kind of distraction. But when all I am doing is my time in the pool, and when I have a stroke that gets me through it reasonably well, what the heck, I'll take the distraction. Similarly on exercise bikes or any of the other equipment in the gym - those things are so deadly boring to me mainly because they are simply what they are, and no more.

I also suspect taht I might be able to talk myself into a greater number of laps if I am  involved in a book. I am looking forward to getting my new toy.

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