Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

more yard work

I looked at the clock this afternoon, after taking a nap and talking to my sister on the phone, and it read 4:30. I thought, "I could do some yard work right now and then have a glass of wine." See,that's how I talk myself into these things.

I got out the nice new grass hog (weed whacker) and long cord, plugged in, untangled cord, dragged grass hog to the front of the house, and started in on what I had left from the last time I was in the front. I worked my way back toward the driveway, picked up lots of little weed sprouts and got a start on a thick growth of some kind of wild daisy thing that has blocked access down my side yard. I thought I'd leave the flowers for now. I want to go out and cut a bunch to put in a vase and enjoy them. Then later I can think about cutting them down.

After winding up the cord and putting away grass hog, I took out one rake, then another, and finally a broom, and I managed to clean up fairly well,dumping it all into the yard waste container (yay for recycling yard waste!). Not like some might do it but better than I usually do. What it looks like is a yard that desperately wants a new start in life. But it isn't going to be getting that, not now.

My conscience let me have wine then. Which I am enjoying.

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