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Our chorale is wearing new costumes at our next concert. So today I took my new skirt to a tailor downtown. The tailor shop has been there forever, and usually there are one or two people working in there. There is a counter, a little front area with changing rooms, a wooden box to step up on, and a rack with the finished goods on it. Behind the counter are four old workhorse machines, set in cabinets, plus one newer serger (Bernina). There is a long table in the middle,  with parts of various projects on it.

I had to change into the skirt and stand on the box, turning slowly while the seamstress marked it. Then I had to turn again while she pinned. Then I got down, we looked it over, decided it had to move up a bit, and she added more pins, we tried again, called it good, and I changed back into my regular clothes. While I was there another woman came in with a dressy dress that she said wasn't hanging right. She changed into it, the other woman pinned, she took it off, the seamstress basted, the woman tried it again and ...magic! Looked much better.

The tailors said they are very busy right now with prom dresses and graduation. I imagine there are wedding outfits in there, too,but there almost always are. I was glad to hear it. There was something so comforting about seeing this place out of the past - no credit or debit cards accepted, by the way, which is how it should be - and knowing there is enough work for it to survive.

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