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strange things

This morning I flipped through the channels because they all changed the day before and I don't know where things are now. I landed on Imus on MSNBC and watched that for a little while. He was talking to Anne Heche on the telephone. Heche was doing something like a comic routine but it was way way over the top, putting down Larry King, her own father, Imus, and others in a blatantly sexual attack. Oh yeah, and Ellen deGeneris as well. It was bitter and ugly, and I don't know who would have found it seriously funny. When Imus stepped out of the room - cameras following him as he hitched up his pants, scratched his head, opened the door on a row of copiers in the next room - I watched a little while longer, wondering what's the appeal here, then turned to another channel. Maybe it's better to be doing crafts.

I am reading a book called Model Behavior about a magazine writer who falls in love with a model. It's an odd book that switches from first-person to third seemingly at random, and that has many little subheadings within each chapter. On page 113 I found this:
(speaking to his model gf on the phone) "So why did you take your diaphragm?" I ask. "Who are you fucking while you're taking all this contemplative Virginia Woolf Room of One's Own time to think?"
I thought it funny because I am in the middle of A Room of One's Own.

Later, on page 137, I find something I can relate to:
(he has just ushered in an unexpected visitor, someone he does not know well) If I could wish away any one element of the debris at this moment, it would be the dead soldiers, the beer, Absolut and Jack Danel's bottles that suddenly seem so very numerous indeed. I realize, of course, that dirty clothing and towels do not belong in the living room, where they detract from the air quality and overall ambience. And how could any one person read, let alone own, so many newspapers and magazines? Well, I am a leterate slob, at least. The best that can otherwise be said is that there aren't a lot of dirty plates, since I haven't eaten much. Just a couple of pizza boxes spread around the few available surfaces, like accent pieces.
So nicely put!


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