Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Today I visited my piano. I have two, actually, one in my house and one at the piano man's house. It was this latter that I visited. He hauled it off a few years ago, to refinish and repair. Not much repair was needed, fortunately. It's a tough piano. It needs one new string and the "ivories" needed to be replaced - with plastic.

Years ago I struggled with the idea of replacing the ivories. I wondered if I should get more real ivory keys from old pianos. But by the time the piano man asked me what to use to replace the keys that were popping off I knew I wanted plastic. There are some nice ones, now, that have the same kind of texture as real ivory, but don't require the killing of elephants, either now or long ago.

The piano is a 7' "parlor grand", and was built for my grandmother. It is a Mason & Hamlin, built around 1900. These pianos are incredibly large and substantial in every way. I think you could sleep on the lid, could put a large mattress on it, if you needed to. The piano is made of Brazilian mahogany, which is a rich red color, just beautiful.

And all of this beauty was restored when I saw it today. There are a few little bits of damage that couldn't be repaired but they are hardly noticeable. And, more important, it is a wonderful piano. Worth the effort.

I am making plans to move it to Las Vegas,where I will later install it into my new home. Which, of course, I do not have yet. Might not have for a while, but I am taking steps. It's nice just thinking about it.

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