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Survivor: The further adventures of the Unfortunate

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The original gang that entered the Survivor house so long ago, so full of hope, has lost some of its number. Some simply left, grasping what opportunities came along:

First, Hopeless, a child, left with the social worker to join Jack and Abigail McCoy's household. Hopeless grew into her promise with her new, caring, mother and father, and as a teen did her part to help with younger siblings.

Ever the serious one, she rarely smiles, but buckles down to work. When her new dad, Jack, dies, she is deeply distressed.

Yet she is determined to win enough scholarships to go through the university without being a burden on her loving adoptive mom, Abigail. She even maxes out her mechanical skill levels, which will undoubtedly help her in the future, whatever career she chooses.

Finally the day comes, and she cheerfully (as cheerfully as Hopeless ever is) calls the cab to her new life. We will check in on Hopeless later, in another episode.

As we noted in a previous episode, Useless escaped by falling in love with Karol Peterson and moving in with her. They were married. When last we looked in..

The happy couple had moved into a lovely home and karol was pregnant. We will check in with Useless later, too.

After Jack McCoy died, Abigail sought comfort in a new friend, Matt. Soon that friendship evolved into something more.

Let's not pretend that Matt did not see the advantages of this relationship in escaping his deadly life in the Survivor household. He didn't take much time to pop the question.

After their marriage, Matt settles into his new household.

He helps with subsequent children, including all of the refugees from his own Survivor home:

He also gets rid of the 'fro, opting for the more current bald look.

We'll look in on Matt more later, perhaps in his own episode, or rather an episode of the family he joined, which includes all of the babies and children who were taken from the Survivor home by the social worker.

And finally we return to the Survivor home itself, where we see increasing distress. Phoebe fights with everyone.

She also finds it difficult to go to the bathroom by herself.

While Charles and Hopeful enjoy the outdoor hot tub...

Phoebe takes herself to the indoor tub, preferring the solitude.

And yet, even when facing a potential new friend, she grieves for her lack of friends.

She dreams of having five, when she only has two...

Notice the sharp little edges to this dream balloon. The Creator suspects the dreamer is distressed.

Meanwhile, Hopeful and Charles get it on. With a tiny bit of help from the Creator.

This new relationship, borne in part of the loss of Useless to his bride, Karol (Hopeful previously was in love with Useless and had his child - who ended up in the McCoy household), lifts Charles' and Hopeful's spirits just a bit above their usual low levels. But not enough, for one day Hopeful comes home from work and...

Needless to say, she didn't "die well". Her friends lovingly place her gravestone in their little patch of green.

A testament to the loss of hope.

Join us next time, when we ask the question, "What will Hopeless do?"

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