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Years ago, when I worked for the City of SLO, I worked with the Architectural Review Commission. I always liked this commission. With few exceptions, it was always made up of intelligent, knowledgable, thoughtful persons. One of these persons was Alan. An architect by profession, Alan taught at Cal Poly and played - what instrument?? - in his own  time, as part of a small instrumental group. One time he invited me to join them, when he found I could play the piano. I've never been a great sight reader and I knew I'd disgrace myself so I had the sense not to do that.

I always liked Alan and he liked me. Ever since those days I have met him on occasion here or there and I always feel honored by his interest and his genuine caring nature. I met him again today at the Utopian Bakery, where I had stopped for coffee and a scone and to sit and read a bit and to leave a book for another to pick up.

He asked what I was doing and we found we are both in the same place: working part time and finding that it is too much, even this  part time stuff. Feeling we want more time for ourselves, knowing we will continue to take on other things because neither of us can say no, and then on occasion feel guilty because we did not come through on everything. So much in common, yet I am certain that Alan is far from  as screwed up as I am.

As  always, I went away feeling refreshed and warm and good. What a sweetheart he is. I know I am lucky.


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