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Egg time

Yesterday I volunteered at the Pismo Beach annual Easter Egg Hunt. A lot more than egg hunting takes place. I was the guardian of the jelly bean jar. Children could guess how many beans were in the jar, and later I culled through the answers to find the ones closest. The top two won Easter baskets worth maybe thirteen dollars at Costco.

This may be my favorite picture of the day. The expression on this girl's face as she thinks about her guess, along with her cap, her braids, her "Island Girl" shirt, add up to me a girl who is going to be someone, probably someone I would like.

The view from below, distorted (several images stitched together; hard to see the tents and other activities on the hill above). These two groups were waiting for the start of the 7-9 and the 10-12 egg hunts.

Crafts. In the Pismo events, a lot of materials are offered and children (and intense adults) can make whatever they want from them. It's often hilarious and always messy.

The Easter Bunny, of course. This is one strange tradition.

Egg decorating. I asked and learned that 50 to 60 dozen eggs were cooked for this decorating. I cooked four dozen. Only cracked one. I'm getting good at it.

Some eggs drying. Some always get left behind. I think that if those eggs were collected and stored in a fridge yesterday that I would be willing to eat some of them.

Face painting. The two women doing the painting were old hands, very good.

Another expression I love.

And another! To me this picture says a lot.

The day was beautiful, after several days of drenching rain. The temperature was perfect, the sun was out and there was a goodly crowd as always. I noticed that the parents were more intent on getting everything possible out of this event than were the children, who would see a thing and just do that, living in the moment. What was particularly funny to me was the need for many parents to get decent guesses in on the jelly bean jar. Some of them actually tried to calculate the approximate number. Some helped their children to a great degree - a child would say "five!" or "two!" and the parent would say, "let's add some zeros to that! Now that's a good guess!" What the hell?? For a $13 Easter basket? I remember the winner: it was a small child who could not think numbers beyond five. Her mom asked for a number, she gave a single digit. She asked for another, and so on,  and lo! The answer was within three of the actual count.

I also noticed that many of the parents had not only brought their cameras,but that their cameras were the more expensive digitals, the ones I lust for but can't quite manage yet. I thought about asking them to email me their pix if they want some of them to land on the City's web page, but I didn't. They'll just have to live with what I grabbed.


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Apr. 17th, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)
Fun day for you!
That looks like a lot of fun. Did you by any chance keep all of the answers you got for the bean count? It's statistically true that a large group guessing will, on average, get the answer right.
Apr. 17th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Fun day for you!
I suspect that the sheets were thrown away at the end. There were several pages, maybe 250 guesses. Two were very close, and about five others were off by about 50. The count was 2353. I recall some in the range of 1800 or so. A lot were very far off. We're talking children here. Some of the parents let them guess anything and didn't try to "improve" the guess. So there was one for one million and one for 50,000, for example. But I swear no kid got away with guessing five or two. The parent always had to up that number.

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