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Judith Lautner

You can't make me you can't make me...you ca....

prom tagged me. That means I have to list six weird things about me and then tag six other people and list them here, then tell each (in their journals) that they've been tagged. All right, I'll play.

Six weird things about me:

I like the feeling of a cat's tongue on my skin.
I am addicted to Sims 2.
I bought a bunch of fake barbies and fake 8" ceramic dolls so I can take pictures of them, posing in many different ways.
I have a crossbite that, I think, contributes to my tendency, at times, to bite my lip accidentally, often while swimming.
I like Anne Rice's vampire books, although I am in no way a vampire fan. I find them incredibly sensual, among other things.
I often find gay relationships (among men) more sexually alluring than straight.

Pay attention now. YOU are it:


Have at it!


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