Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Traveling again

Today, after work, I head for Las Vegas again. This time in part to be there during the Queer Eye event. Mostly, of course, to be with my family.

I had super-ambitious plans: to swim early - 6 a.m. - and then go to work, and then drive to LV. I think the first part of that isn't going to happen. I will likely miss my fourth swim of the week, because I may not find my way to a pool tomorrow either. There is one at Elaine's apartment but it isn't a lap swim pool, and the same with Mary's condo and Elaine's condo. The multigen center might be a problem because they aren't taking punch pass cards any more and I am not sure I can get in just for a day at a time. That is, I may need to purchase some kind of membership, which isn't likely to come out financially.

Oh, and tomorrow is Petapalooza in LV, and of course Elaine is going and of course I am going with her, and I am wondering if Joey might be with us. Things to work out. I have not created a schedule this time because there is no specific event we are working up to, like Thanksgiving. I should at least jot down the things I need to do while there: get my car's regular service done (I kept putting it off and when I called yesterday the Honda dealer was full up), get my camera repaired - I dropped it yet again and now I can't turn it on. And there is one event, a final one I think, for the Queer Eye thing, at Caesar's Palace, and people are supposed to dress up for that. I expect I'll go to whatever it is.

ONe thing I am really looking forward to is uninterrupted radio on the way to LV. I listen to Sonic Theater - current audio theater, Old Time Radio, which includes EVERYTHING, from the Lone Ranger to  The Shadow to Stan Freberg, xm public radio, which has This American Life on more often than my local station does, xm classics, Air America, and even something called cinemagic - music from films. I should be able to listen to entire stories on the audio theater stations. However, they never broadcast books continually, except later at night. F'rinstance, this Sat night they will be playing the entire Portrait of Dorian Gray - starting at nine p.m. I would so love to have that to listen to on the way to LV.

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