Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I may have found the problem with the machine. It didn't like the disks I was feeding it, even though that particular brand and speed and type was listed as one of the "good ones". I went out to Staples and then to Best Buy and bought two more packs of disks, different types. I put one of those in the machine just now and it seems to be recording. Seems to be. Says it is. We'll see what it records.

I know that the CD/DVD drives we get for our computers are sensitive and like some disks over others so I shouldn't be surprised by this. I also remember the difficulty I had getting a Sony Handicam to accept a particular type of videotape years ago. I ended up going with Sony's, which had a tighter fit. And of course recordable CDs often do not play back in our sound machines.

On another note. I picked up a book at the Steaming Bean in Pismo the other day at the same time as I released two other books. The book I picked up (not a bookcrossing book, sorry to say) is Ruth Rendell's The Crocodile Bird. What a treat! This above all else is what has kept me from doing anything meaningful this weekend. When I have finished it I will register it at bookcrossing,  then send it to Mary. I know she'll love it too.

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