Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Square one or maybe one-and-a-half

I thought, last night, that perhaps I would get to the gym early this morning, get the swim in and then go about the rest of my day. But morning dawned. I felt draggy, I developed the start of a headache, I got absorbed in sims, in working on my money stuff, in phone calls, in thinking about Elaine's birthday, pretty much anything except swimming. As the day wore on I started to talk myself into not swimming today. I reminded myself that I won't be swimming Tuesday so it would probably be good to get a swim in today, but then I told myself  I don't spend enough time just enjoying myself...

Anyway, the day kept going so I thought I'd look up some swim stuff. I hunted down some advice on strokes, on kicks,  and on flip turns. I found a terrific little video of a flip turn that showed it perfectly, first at full speed, then slowed down. Excellent. I discovered that one should kick off the wall while facing UP and twist around on the glide. This I had not been doing.  I learned a few things to try in kicks and strokes, but those articles were a little less clear than the flip turn video. Still, I thought these new bits would help me get through a swim.

And I thought, maybe the afternoon would be better. Sundays are not good for the pool. Everyone seems to have the day off and decides it's time  for a swim. But I thought maybe the middle of the aft would be good. So I hit the pool at a little after three today. And the damned thing was full. Two women in one lane, friends, with various foam things, somewhat fooling around. Two guys in two other lanes, apparently related - an older man and a fat teen boy. The older man was demonstrating things to the teen. I wished them well  but wished they had confined their "lessons" to one lane, given how few lanes there are. And another guy swimming in a very splashy way. My swim research told me this doesn't mean the guy is really that good...but he was fast, I admit. Finally, the "walk lane" was empty. I  decided to tough it out and not use that one. You never know when a walker is going to show up and when I'm swimming I am  not aware of people leaving as quickly as they leave. I wanted to get into a "real" lane as soon as it became available. So I sat in a chair and watched, periodically adjusting my goggles.

I finally got a lane. I tried the new techniques. It's back to square one on the flip turns. And the stroke, too. I mean I made mistakes that had me flipping the wrong way, ending on the side of a lane instead of the center, or way down on the bottom of the pool. Lots of mistakes.But in time I got one or two closer to what it should have been and I understood the difference, the advantage. I just need more practice. The strokes, I think, will be better eventually.

It's some kind of challenge,this self-coaching business. I really don't have money to spend on a coach right now so it's better than nothing. It doesn't matter if it takes me a while to get better. I have no time limits.

I'm glad I went now, of course. Afterwards I "released" a book at the Coffee Bean in Pismo. Yeah. Check bookcrossing. I had heard of it before but forgot, and then when the_fantum (poor man seems to be having a hard time lately...) mentioned it I went there and I am loving dropping my books all over the place, for others to read.

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