Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Mysterious things happen at night

 A bit after midnight last night I heard the coffee grinder going. It's the type that has a reservoir and you just press a bar to make it start grinding. I thought Paul must be up and restless, wants coffee. Usually he won't run the grinder, though, when he thinks I'm asleep, unless it's well into the morning. It finished its duty and I went back to a fairly restless sleep, only to awake a few hours later, hearing the grinder go on and start whining up a storm - no beans left in the reservoir. I got up and turned it off. Fortunately, the bar that one presses also has an "off" setting. I'm wondering what made it think someone had pressed that bar - not once but twice.

One thing and another made the night go by slowly for me so I finally got up and made coffee. The reservoir was FULL. I started up the computer and listened to the birds. Birds singing while it's still dark outside. I love those birds! I will never get over that singing at night and I will always love it. Even if it wakes me.

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