Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Indigo Girls

Last night I saw the Indigo Girls at the Performing Arts Center. The acoustics there are terrific so it was wonderful. A band called three5human opened for them with somewhat bluesy tunes and a good lead singer, who later joined the IG in a song or two. The crowd was a dedicated one, full of fans who sang along at the right times and yelled out favorites and cheered uproariously at the end, getting two encores after a long set of dozens of songs. The Indigo Girls accompanied themselves on acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos,  and in the final piece Emily picked up an electric guitar because the two groups played a piece together and the other group is electric.

It was great to see them! Just the way you'd expect them to look, simply attired, straightforward and warm in attitude,and in great voice. They have been among my favorites for years,but my CDs were stolen so I haven't listened to them for a while. I need to catch up.

I talked to three people I knew there: Charlene from the Shell Beach Post Office, who ushered, Marianne from years back, who also ushered, and briefly another woman from the chorale, part of a small group of us who are middle- or older-aged, intelligent, and single, and with senses of humor. On a sad note, Marianne told me about a mutual friend, Terry, who is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. She said he is sanguine about it but his wife is not taking it well. At one doctor visit,the doctor asked Marguerite if she had any more questions. She said "Not medical. Where are you from?" He said "New York." She said, "It figures." I can hear her now, saying that with a mix of anger and bitterness at the lack of a personal touch and perhaps better answers. I need to send Terry a card, at least. I worked with him, and indeed for him, for many years.

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