Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
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A trip to Templeton

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I visited Templeton, a  small town just north of Atascadero...which is a smallish city north of San Luis Obispo... today, to have lunch with a friend. After our visit, I left to find the downtown. I made a few wrong turns but eventually I did find it.

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The main drag is on Main Street,which is probably wider than it needs to be.  There is still a local hardware store.

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How long will it last? I take the pix because I'm not so hopeful.

The granary still sits there on the street, looming over everything else. I don't know if it operates in any way as it was originally intended.

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On nearby blocks are the familiar coast live oaks.

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I knew there was a coffee place or two because I saw them on Google Earth. And there was. I found a place that sells coffees, sandwiches, greeting cards, books, and things like..yeegods, beanie babies. I ordered a cappuccino from this multitasking place and lo!

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It was perfect! Honestly, I had to take the picture. How often do they get them right? I had an apricot  bar with it, as you can see. 

All of this activity kept me from doing a little hike in a park in Atascadero. I had places to go, people to meet. Couldn't spend time there.

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