Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

It's dark and rainy out there. The rain is more a steady drip that has been going on most of the night, from what I can tell. I love this time of day, and the rain makes it even better.

Yesterday I met Dorothy for coffee after work and we talked. I mentioned that I had hardly slept at all the night before, in part because I was so cold,even with two comforters and a blanket. Dorothy suggested that one of those soft mattress covers would likely help hold the heat in. Seemed like a good idea, in addition to buying a new blanket or comforter, so I popped into costco and found just the right one. No comforters I wanted, but the mattress pad was enough for now. I put it on the bed and made it and last night I felt very comfortable and slept a lot better. Of course I don't know if the pad had anything to do with it, considering how tired I was. It feels very nice, though, that little bit of extra padding.

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