Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I told Mary of my Sears experience on the phone tonight. "Back!" She shouted, "You must return!" she said, pushing me (figuratively) out the door. "Find someone else and get the price."

I did so. When I arrived at the electronics section the television was still there and still unmarked. I found someone in appliances (across the aisle) to help me. Within seconds he had raced through the Sears computer system to find the model  and the status and the price. He pointed out that the .97 at the end of the price indicates that it is a closeout item. The price was $219.97. And unfortunately there are no more in the warehouse and they can't order any more.

"So you can't sell me that one?" I asked, looking at the store model. He said sure. I asked him how long it had been out there. He said at least a year. I asked about a discount. He said he could only give me 10%. I said that doesn't seem like much for a model that has been  in use for at least a year. He agreed and asked if I had looked next door - Best Buy. Funny. I said yes, but I didn't remember seeing the 24" model there. Finally I left, to look at Best Buy, although I suspected what I would find, and that is what I found: the same model, new, selling for $300.

So there lies my quandary. I can get the used one for $200, no question,  but how long will it last? I feel that if they would give it to me for $150 I would take it right now, so that's going to be my next effort, probably tomorrow afternoon.

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