Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Holiday at Mount Charleston

The abbreviated version.

No snow. Not very cold. Nice lobby - the kind where guests actually do hang out. I sat there reading and we played games and many of us ate various meals there. Because there was no snow, we did not go on sleigh rides or go ice skating.

It's a beautiful place, but I doubt we will stay there again. That hotel management can't get it together. I think they have to get their employees from nearby, which means they take anyone, and then they don't train them. We had one particular gripe - with the Christmas eve dinner - which probably soured us a wee bit on other things, like the room Mary and I shared, which smelled so  bad from smoke (although I had requested a nonsmoking room) that it almost made us sick. Like the fact that the hotel was happy to charge outrageous rates for these rooms but didn't offer free coffee - we had to pay $2 for one cup.

In spite of the downsides of the hotel we did have good times there. We played many games, we walked around and enjoyed the many carved statues that adorn the site, we loved watching the ducks in the pond. I think the game playing was the best, because it was a way for us to get comfortable with each other on a more relaxed level. We also had a good Christmas dinner down the hill, at the Santa Fe Station casino, in the Grand Cafe. Joey made out, of course, in the present department, and I think the rest of us were more than happy with what we hauled in as well.

I wanted to include some pix that would tell the story better but photobucket stalled and I don't feel up to picking and uploading them all over again.

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