Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Thursday morning, getting close to noon. I am at Panera Bread in Henderson, in The District, which is next to the Green Valley Ranch hotel, where I am staying for two nights. Coincidentally, a friend of Mary's took pity on her because she's moving and gave her the gift of a couple of nights at the same hotel. So we had breakfast together this morning, downstairs. NICE rooms. But you pay for any extras, like the food or even the swimming pool (it's a lap pool, regulation, and this is a resort, has a full fitness room and massage and so on). Lovely bathrooms with big deep tubs and glass showers, cushy robes, nice soaps and bath stuff. I took a bath because I had to use that tub but I had a hard time getting out of it.

Mary is at work and Joey is at the multigen center, in the kids zone. I went to the center,too, to swim. The women's locker room is being painted so was not available, which was frustrating. But I discovered a unisex changing room, presumably for the disabled, and I used that after swimming. Heaven knows I am disabled.

Yesterday's drive was less than perfect. I ran into three lengthy traffic jams on I-15, all caused by construction, at least one of which didn't actually involve any construction at thetime, just cones. Part of my time in the pool today my right foot was siezed by cramps, and I know it was from that stop-and-go accelerator thing. It would never be an issue if the cramps got bad - these pools are all about four feet deep, and there is a lifeguard at this one.

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