Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I soon be off

I'm counting the minutes now, 'cause I'm leaving at eleven. I have water, I have snacks, refrigerated and not (in a small cooler), I have three books-on-CD from the library, I have the presents, my suitcase, my laptop, even my hiking stick and swim suit. So I am ready ready ready!!

And just for good measure today I offered my old laptop (through freecycle) to someone who desperately needs one. It is SO old. But it still works, and it can get and send email. And it's kinda cute, in a vintage sort of way. It is waiting under the counter here at work for a pickup. I hope the person can come get it before the weekend.

And I dumped another five food items into the food bin downstairs for the food bank. I have only given away two toys so far, but I can do more of that in Las Vegas. Maybe I can get Joey to help pick some out! For some other child!

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