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I think the performance will go well. As usual, I find myself with a few iffy spots in the music, places where I am not sure I am singing the right notes. I need to get my costumes ready, too. I have the basic ones but I would like to have a shawl for the first piece, some kind of earth-toned shawl. Another reason to hit the thrift stores.

But this aft I first have to bring the beastie Bullet to the vet's for a recheck. I'm sure he's fine but let's just have a look, is my thought. I had been worried about his loss of weight and I hope that it has stabilized. He eats enough, so if he is still losing then we should find out why.

Yesterday afternoon I backed into a car in a shopping center parking lot. The owner of the other car was not particularly friendly, starting out with "let's see your drivers license". And I couldn't find the damn thing. He got on his cell  phone: "She doesn't have a drivers license. Call the police." I was really irritated that he put it that way. Then I couldn't find my current insurance card.I remember having it in my wallet but no...not any more. So I was looking more and more like the criminal I am. Finally I remembered when I had last seen the license - when I went to reclaim my bro's car in San Jose. I thought maybe I had taken it out and it was in that pile of papers on the back seat...and it was. The other guy loosened up then, nd after a while we both agreed to leave the scene because it could be a long time before the police arrived anyway and now that I had my license he felt better. I noted that the name on his insurance card was his own, and asked if he owned the insurance company, and he said yes. I said "That explains why you're so suspicious!" - with a laugh. "You must have seen a lot more than I have." He was more relaxed then.

I fretted on my way home. I had intended to go to the Savon drug store to pick up toys for various toy drives, but had lost the urge, for now. I have a $500 deductible and I am sure my insurance will go up. After driving for years without incident, in my previous civic, I have now had two insurance-worthy accidents in my new civic. It pains me to see my poor baby beaten up like this. And it has been my fault, which of course makes it worse.

After I got home I called the insurance company and they gave me a claim number, confirmed the $500 deductible, told me I had rental car insurance (something I made sure I had after the last incident). I decided to go to the body shop right away and make arrangements. I went to my favorite, B&B Collision Repair, which is not far from the shopping center or my house. As usual, they were helpful, friendly, and accommodating. They are a Farmers Insurance preferred repair shop, so when I go there I don't need to contact an adjuster. When I left there it was  all arranged. I will bring the car in on January 3 and a rental car will be waiting for me, or a van to the rental car place, Enterprise. Really pretty easy. I hate shelling out the $500 but my baby will be so much happier without the damage marring her pretty self.


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Dec. 16th, 2005 02:59 pm (UTC)
Sorry about the accident.

Hope your kitty will be a-o-k.
Dec. 16th, 2005 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I am sure Bullet is fine. He doesn't seem unusually thin, fortunately,but he is getting on in years and doesn't get around as easily as before. He is putting up a fuss about being kept inside this morning. That boy never likes to stay inside for long.
Dec. 16th, 2005 04:00 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry about your Civic. You certainly treated that man more kindly than I would have--I would have been cold as ice.

Your car will look like new soon.
Dec. 16th, 2005 05:34 pm (UTC)
I suspect you would have been nice to him at the outset, which I wasn't. I was so annoyed that I practically yelled at him while he was talking on the phone: "I DO have a drivers license! I just can't find it!" I was so irritated.

I will feel better when baby civic feels better. The damage is minor but it makes me sad.
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