Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


When thirtysomething was on the air, I could never finish an episode. I found it incredibly boring and self-centered. Now it's on Bravo and here I am watching the whiners in action, and thinking that, hell, it's what I do here, in this journal, whine, pontificate, wonder, "talk everything to death". God. The only good thing about that thought is that maybe I have material here! Hey baby boomers! It's your show!! Our show!!

Only thing is, I am guessing that most people figure they get through a lot of the "life" issues in their thirties. By the time they hit fifty, they are sorting out the age question. What it means, how they are going to deal with it. And certainly I do that. But I am also catching up, working through shit that some people never get into in the first place. Still wondering what I am going to become.

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