Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I went on a fruitless trip yesterday. I had received a notice from the San Jose PD that one of Michael's cars was being held in connection with some criminal activity. I called the detective on the case, and he said he would have the car moved to the storage lot and write on the release papers that the car was to be released only to me.

Although I figured that my drivers license would therefore be enough to retrieve the car, I figured I would bring along the court papers certifying my position as executor. But I forgot to bring that. And it became crucial.

I drove up to SJ yesterday, got to the PD at about 11:30, waited in line, got a number, waited my turn, and learned that the detective had failed to list my name, so the court paper was needed and I didn't  have it. The PD clerk suggested I might want to call the towing-storage yard and ask them if they would buy the car from me. She said if I don't retrieve the car Michael will get storage bills, which will very soon exceed the value of the car. Oh yeah, the detective is out of the country - or at least out of the state - I don't remember which - and unreachable.

The storage person said they don't buy cars. They will charge to have the car sent to the wrecking yard, though. But they won't do anything without that release paper. I asked both clerks how can I simply get rid of this car and neither had an answer.

So I went up to Mary and Susan's house and visited a bit, saw the baby Jakob - so adorable, perfect - and had lunch at Hobee's with Mary, then drove home. I stopped in Gilroy and Los Banos on the way home,thinking I might find some Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers there, but didn't find much. For the second time I  grabbed stuffed animals at  Kohl's but chose not to wait in line, left them there.

I got home at about eight last night. I think what made the trip enjoyable, beyond the clearness of the roads and the beauty of the countryside, was a book--on-CD that I rented at Crossroads Video Friday night. The video store divides these unabridged books into parts, and this book was in three parts,with three or four CDs in each part. I rented two of the three, thinking that would get me through and I could rent the third one after I returned.

I ran out when I hit Atascadero. Pretty damned close. I thought of heading straight for the video store but decided to tough it out and just get home. Now I have that third part to look forward to. Oh, the book is called "The Historian". It's not bad for what it is, which is a story of hunting vampires...I didn't know! I didn't know! There are enough complications to the tale to make it interesting.

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