Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Dare I hope?

Today I limped through the planning department, all too aware of the stiffness and pain in my left leg, and I wondered how swimming would go. I got to the gym, got into my swim suit, and limped to the pool. I held onto the railing as I made my way into the water, slowly.

Now, I have heard people say that some people who are awkward on land come alive in the water, become other. That isn't exactly what happens to me. I am not a skilled swimmer. I probably meet the minimum requirements for lap swimming, being able to stay above the bottom of the pool and breathe well enough so that I do not panic.

Still, it is a kind of release. I do have joint pains, sometimes in my legs, sometimes in my shoulders. I know I am not young anymore. But I am moving reasonably well in the water.  I can just barely imagine that in time, if I improve my kick, I will in fact be a different person in water.

For now,though, this: After I got out of the pool today, showered, and dressed and headed out, I went to Costco. And I noticed that I was able to get around with a lot less discomfort. I think the swimming actually did help my knee. I don't want to become overly optimistic but it's hard.

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