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Nov. 25th, 2005

Once again, no internet access. Not that it matters so much, but I do get used to the convenience. I will go to Panera Bread later today and hog their free wireless while eating their wonderful bread.

Yesterday's meal was good and again the company was congenial. Things were a little crowded with all the cooks - Elaine, Ed, Mary, and me - but eventually the food was ready and we were enjoying wine and good food. Afterwards we played games - Balderdash and Taboo - but we got so tired! Joey kept getting more wired while the rest of us faded. After Mary, Joey, and I returned to her house, Joey crashed on the floor ("I'm not tired; I just want to lie down"). His dad called not much later to say he was in the neighborhood so he could pick up Joey then. The sleeping boy was handed off to his dad, so he will wake in a different house!

Mary has to work today but expects to get out early, then will go to the DMV to register her new car. Her car is very cute, a great color, and has nice features. Very safe, low-polluting Focus. She loves driving it, finds it more fun. I always think compacts are more fun to drive than bigger cars.

Yesterday afternoon Elaine, Mary, Joey and I went on an easy hike in Red Rock. The children's discovery trail. I didn't find it hard from an endurance or strength standpoint but it was hard on my knees. I hate how I have to limp along and lean on others when there are steps down, especially.I don't enjoy being the disabled mom.

Today I'll do the multigen center. This time I want to get a 20 dollar punch card. That's a perfect option for me. Then I'll do the bike and a swim. After which I get to go to Panera.


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