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It looks like I should be able to make today's goal of 18,000 words total. Still behind but if I keep meeting goals each day it can happen. It is getting increasingly harder to come up with what to say! I dredge my memory and imagination and when some kind of idea comes to me i just run with it.

To inspire myself, I went to the gym. I did all of fifteen minutes on the bike, at a low level (3), then hit the water and swam a total of 500 yards. I stopped after every lap, except that I combined the last two laps - total 100 yards - without stopping. So I can tell I have the breathing going all right.  I need to build up the muscles, both in my arms and my legs, which seem to do little more than wiggle in the water. I know from past experience that my kicking is so bad it is painfully long to get across just one length of the pool with a kickboard.  So I am not doing that yet. What I am doing is remembering some things my last coach told me to do - stretch those arms, keep the head down, things like that. I was never a good swimmer but I did learn from that time, in my thirties, when I was on the masters team (never did learn the butterfly and I don't figure I'll be starting now).

After the gym time I was off to the Steaming Bean in Pismo. They make a wonderful veggie wrap there, with fresh sprouts that I can't remember what are, feta cheese, cashews, and tomatoes. Way too good. They also offer free wireless...so of course i was online there, and in this case I was checking on automobile repair shops in Encinitas. Mary is there now, visiting a friend, and her car blew its head gasket. I think it will be worth fixing but no shop seems to be open today so that remains to be seen. She is now considering getting a rental car to drive home, and returning next weekend (Thanksgiving weekend!) to retrieve the car. I suggested that maybe we could drive down together next Saturday or Sunday and then each go our separate ways. We can work something out.

And now. I am about 700 words from meeting today's goal. I can do it.


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Nov. 20th, 2005 11:08 pm (UTC)
You can do it!

Agog with admiration, Jackie

Nov. 21st, 2005 12:35 am (UTC)
So sweet of you to say that. You are the one who can do it and does do it!
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