Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

It was a busy day yesterday but one that was dictated by me. Last night I was so very tired but ultimately it was good, worth it.

I went swimming after work, managed 400 yards (16 lengths; 8 laps). I felt a wee bit stronger. Today I was not so sure when I climbed the steps to my office and my legs were their usual selves, but I am determined to keep swimming. It's no good for weight loss but it's so good for blood pressure, my heart, my strength.

After a shower, I took my wet self to the Nautical Bean in SLO and worked on my novel. I got in over 2,000 words yesterday. Not a high enough level to get me to the total I need but encouraging nevertheless. It seemed easier to work there, at the Bean, than at home. I am going to make more of a practice of hanging out at the friendly coffee joints to write and sip and sometimes eat, like yesterday.

From there to the Starbucks on Foothill, where I met Dorothy. Did the debriefing on the reception week, heard the latest from Dorothy's own Life of Interest, showed her many pictures on my computer.

Then to home, where I downed a couple of "healthy" fudgsicles, cleaned out the floor on the passenger side of the car, and picked up Dwain to go to a play at Cal Poly. The play was terrific! It was Proof, by David Austin. I hear there is a film made of it, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, but I haven't confirmed. We both enjoyed it immensely. A smart, well-written play. It was also quite long. I didn't get home until after eleven, after dropping Dwain off.

My Bullet and Stretch both spent the night with me so I had the pleasure of reaching out to touch their soft fur and hear their little rumblings of affection during the night.

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