Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The squirrels: part 1 - the prequel

I managed to pull together a plan to get some slides and photographs to a guy who is doing a PhD thesis on my father - his thesis has to do with how people view things, and represents my father as the architect best able to represent a way of viewing in a different way - I can't explain it, but it is something like using his buildings as movie cameras because of the way they shape the view and affect people's views.

On Thursday night I had talked to Nicholas, the co-curator of the 2008 Hammer exhibit on my father, and knew that he has been wanting to see these slides as well, for the same purpose: to see how my father saw things. So I asked if he would want to join us at UCLA to view the boxes I had brought with me. Absolutely he did. He wrote his cell phone number on a napkin for me so I could leave him a message when we had the time and place defined.

Some time later that night I was feeling in my pocket and felt that napkin. "Trash," I thought, and threw it away.

So when I awoke that night, a bit alarmed by the activity in the street, I suddenly realized I had thrown that napkin away. I thought about how I would get the phone number again, and I realized too that I did not have Jon's phone number, and would be at the museum exhibit, far from my laptop, in the morning, so could not call to arrange the details of our visit.

I turned on the computer at three in the morning and wrote to Jon, asking him for his phone number and telling him of the exhibit plans. I hoped I would have a reply when we returned from the exhibit and had solved the missing phone number problem as well.

And it did in fact come to pass. While I was waiting on a bench outside the exhibit, after having seen it, I called Steve L, who had also been at the event and had also gotten Nicholas' phone number on a napkin. I asked if he still had the napkin. He hunted around, could not find it, figured that he too had tossed his, and said he'd call his cohort back at the Lautner motel  and ask him if he had it. Subsequently he called back with the number.

Whew. When I got back to our hotel I found Jon's phone numbers in an email. We were able to make the arrrangements. We settled on 12:30 as our arrival time at UCLA, after consulting maps and having conversations about routes. And Nicholas confirmed, said he would meet us there.

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