Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

King Tut

We got to the bus stop easily, got on the bus, made it to the intersection of Fairfax and Wilshire. We were not clear on whether the exhibt was in the main building or elsewhere, so went to the main entrance, a longish block from the bus stop, and discovered that we had passed the entrance to the exhibit. It is actually a stone's throw away from the bus stop, a good thing for the return trip.

We got in line with our tickets and were in the second small group to be ushered into the exhibit, which starts with a little film. We all chose to have headsets with the audio tour guide, a really good investment.

The exhibit was incredible. OUr timing was perfect. There were times we were alone in a room with these amazing pieces of tomb art. There is an exhibit that shows how the tomb boxes were nested - I had no idea - and a little film illustrating it graphically. There was also an exhibit of the forensic finds of 2005. Of course I was really fascinated by this, forensic science being my passion (at least on television!).

All of us came out of it with one overarching reaction: it was so beautiful! There is no way pictures of even the best quality can convey the intricate beauty of this work. It is just stunning. We also learned a bit of the history, of course, and the religions. We all got caught up to lesser or greater degrees in the gift shop afterwards. So many things made specifically for this exhibit, and I wanted a whole lot of them. I managed to escape for about $75 from here - T-shirt, cards, magnet, several little books for Joey...well, shoot... And then Karol got me the mug I also wanted. Lovely loot. And now I have gifts for my trip to LV next week.

This exhibit leaves LA on November 15. It then moves east. No other west coast exhibits. Just four other cities in the U.S. It is so worth seeing. And it is clearly incredibly popular. After we got out we saw that the crowds had increased significantly. The experience after the 8:00 am time has got to be a lot different than it was for us. Lucky lucky lucky!!

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