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The trip to Los Angeles was productive and enjoyable, if tiring. On Thursday Dorothy and I dropped our things at the hotel, irritated but accepting of the change in accommodation - of which more later - and went to the Mayfair market on Franklin to pick up a few goodies. Such a world of deliciousness! We picked out what would get us through lunch of that day, Thursday, and snacks and breakfast the following morning, and returned to the hotel.

The hotel is the Westside Rentals Hotel. An unfortunate name. But a good place to know about, in spite of the room change fiasco.

After we ate, I got my laptop and printer set up, designed name badges and printed them out. Dorothy separated them and put them into the plastic carriers and organized them on cardboard strips. Amazingly, I had no trouble with the program or with the printer. And I was able to get online through the cable - thank heaven I managed to download and install the correct drivers for my ethernet connector just that morning.

I snacked on cheesecake as the day went on. Karol came back from her excursions - to Barnsdall Park, for one - and we chatted, and eventually she left to rest a bit before the event. We reconvened to go to the event.

I printed out directions to the Harvey House and even showed Karol and Dorothy the trip by way of Google Earth - had it do a "tour" so we could see ourselves driving the route past buildings and landmarks. We took the directions with us and Dorothy and I scouted for the right streets while Karol drove her rented Focus. It was really close to the hotel and we were there in no time. A good thing, too. We weren't as prepared as we might have been.

There was no card table or chair available for our little set of badges and for us to sign in new people who had not registered. We hunted around and asked questions and finally the organizer of the event, from the conservancy, got the caterer to agree to give us one of the tall tables they had set out for people to use. The food was what they call "heavy hors d'oeuvres" and the accommodation was several tall small tables with long white tablecloths so people could stand at the tables and drink and eat and talk. Not my favorite way but I understand it as a way to accommodate a lot of people.

Then we couldn't find a pen or pencil. We had left our belongings in the car, which had been whisked away by a valet parker. Then Dorothy remembered the little marker pen (sharpie) I had on my keychain the last time we traveled. And lo! I still had it! It was perfect for writing on the blank name tags and filling in the form.

We put out our registration forms, JLF membership forms and foundation flyers I had created that Chris had printed up for this event, as well as the event mailers that were left over.

The hardest part was the standing. I got to go inside and sit on one of the few seats a couple of times. The rest of the time we were standing outside talking to people, handing out badges, taking in new registrations (not many of those). A great many of the conservancy group took our information, which was great because many of them were not aware of the foundation before that night. There were over 150 people there, including the proud and generous owners, Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer. Both of them spoke of the restoration and their pleasure in being able to help in any way possible. They are the best possible owners, genuinely interested in the architecture and understanding it and doing the right things with it. They also share the house constantly, hosting many different types of events.

We got back to the hotel at a bit past ten, after overstaying at the house. They practically had to kick us out.

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