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I can always tell a Cal Poly crowd

Last night, there were at least three other events happening on campus at the same time as the concert I attended. The Smothers Brothers were performing in the PAC, something called Flogging Molly was happening in the gymnasium, and the theater students were doing their weekly comedy improv show in the back of the music and theater building. Lots of people thronging to campus, and lots of cars leaving just before ten.

In spite of the competition, the crowd in the Spanos theater was a respectable size. As Jackie said at the end, it was mostly a "captive audience": their students "were required to come". Of course they aren't actually forced, but it's always good for the grade. And because there are large numbers of students at faculty recitals and at concerts of student groups, it had the Cal Poly flavor. Whistles, shouts, enthusiastic applause, standing ovation. I love that.

The enthusiasm was warranted, though. Jackie Kreitzer is one hell of a singer, and Susan Davies knows little competition in accompaniment - not to mention solo piano. The pieces were varied, beautiful, and well-presented. A familiar figure on the world music scene, Jackie is comfortable and poised on the stage, and she took the time to say a few words about each of the pieces, illuminating them for us and sharing with us her warm personality. Of course my favorite was the Alexander Nevsky aria. It was the aria I remember most from that piece, and was accompanied perfectly by scenes from the film. Extraordinary. I felt enveloped in its beauty and sadness, its sad beauty, which I have loved since the first day I heard it. Oh Prokofiev...what can I say...


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Oct. 20th, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC)
Drive-by comment - I saw your post in legacy challenge, and was looking for more sims post on your personal LJ, then this post caught my eye. lol. Anyway, I love Flogging Molly. They're sort of ska punk. If you listen to the radio much you've probably heard their song "What's left of the flag" - it's like really fast Irish folk punk, if you can imagine that. :)
Oct. 22nd, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC)
Funny that you should mention this. I told my daughter about that night and she told me that Flogging Molly was her fiance's favorite band, and explained it as a kind of punk Irish. She and I have shared a lot of music over the years, have simliar tastes. I tend to avoid the "top 40" radio stations but do listen to more interesting music.
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