Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

So much going on...heh...

1. I rammed my little toe, on my right foot, into my scanner, which I had on the floor, about three times today. It hurt like hell each time and now it's all read, somewhat swollen (not enough to make me think it's broken), and still hurting.

2. I finally washed the kitchen and bathroom floors today. It isn't as if they are large; far from it. They both had dust and crust and crap all over them and do look a mite better now. I promised myself that I would go to a concert tonight if I got this done.

3. I changed the sheets. I have gotten way way off schedule with this, just as with the floors. My bed looks so much better and I look forward to slipping under the sheets and not encountering little bits of dirt, twigs, and whatever else my cats and I bring in.

4. I washed my clothes. Not a big deal. I actually folded them and they are mostly put away. I don't have a lot of clothes so this is never that big a job and I do keep up with it.

5. I'm going to a concert tonight! Among other things, the two mezzos will perform an aria or two from Alexander Nevsky, and the film will play while they are singing! Yay! I love Alexander Nevsky! There is also other beautiful music on the program. It will be wonderful and I will be there alone and loving it.

And...the sims. I finally got a sim graduated from college. The first. I moved her back into her family home, then had her ask her lover, the family maid, to move in. They are engaged. That very night, the maid - who now has no job - went onto the roof to use the telescope and was abducted by aliens! My first alien abduction! I'm thrilled! Whenever a male sim is abducted he comes back pregnant with an alien baby! Yay! So he'll go through pregnancy now - I should get them married quicklike.

How much fun is that?

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