Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the runaround

This aft I had things to do. I chose to do the active ones, the ones that required driving around and picking up and dropping off, rather than going home and using the phone. I really hate the phone, hardly ever want to use it.

I drove home first, so I could update the mailing list for the foundation, then copy it to CD. From there I drove to Arroyo Grande, about 15 miles, to pick up the flyers I had printed for the foundation. Took most of those and the CD to the mailing service in SLO. Then took a couple of bunches of the flyers with me to Cal Poly, where I attempted to locate the architecture department.

Now, I've been there before. I even had classes there some time ago. But damned if I could remember what it looked like or where it was. It didn't occur to me to stop at the kiosk at the entrance to ask where it is. I thought I could track down a campus map without that much difficulty.

Actually, it was rather difficult. After taking a stab at one building and finding out it was the science building, hoofing my way through it in the hopes of finding a friendly open office, and coming back out empty-handed, I went to the Admin building - no luck there - and finally to the student union, where I finally found a map on my second run at the info desk. I told myself this was all good for me. I need to get out more, it's good for the bones and muscles.

I located the architecture-construction-planning building on the map, got back to my car, drove to the nearest place I could park, and tracked down the department, where I handed off the flyers. Whew. Maybe we'll get a few signups from that. I can hope.

What was cool: I rarely go to Cal Poly during normal "student hours". So I don't see what I saw today. Students everywhere. On the grass,in groups or alone, sitting at tables outside, drinking and studying and talking, walking from class to class, stopping to talk. In my time in the science building I saw several active classrooms - laboratories, lecture halls, theater-like places where they were watching slides. So much learning going on! I love learning and I love the atmosphere of learning. And the side benefits, like the little coffee and juice bars and the racks of many-colored bicycles. A heady experience. I love going to class, too, and thought about it, about attending a class. Except that at Cal Poly it isn't easy. You have to get into some kind of program and have to follow the track. No such thing as just taking a class now and then.

That charged me up a bit. Made me feel alive, part of the world. Which is strange, considering I just floated by all these people, didn't talk to any of them.

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