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Food talk

I have some friends who are are one type of diet or another. One is diabetic and is now following some kind of protein diet. Another is just a nut who tries anything to beef up his bod, so he  downs a lot of meat and eschews bread. Whenever I am with any of these friends they always make comments on what they can or cannot eat, and sometimes it just goes on for days. We might be having dinner at a restaurant and one will say "too much starch" or "That looks good but I can't eat X".  And my fave, to me: "You can have the bread." And then there are the offhand comments about needing a particular food right now or they'll get spacey, or noting that coffee makes them too hyper or mashed potatoes make them sleepy...or whatever.

Regardless of the truth or not about how certain foods affect different people, I am sick of hearing it. When I was religiously following a low-fat diet, ten percent fat, I NEVER mentioned it. Why should I? I saw no reason to compare my food choices to what anyone else was eating. Similarly, I do not make a point of my being a vegetarian unless it is for some reason critical - in a steak house I might have to mention it to the waiter quietly as a way to get suggestions (although even there I can usually manage quite well without bringing it up).

Why can't we just eat? Why do we have to discuss everything we eat and can't eat and compare what we eat with what someone else eats? What the hell?? And I can't help feeling insulted when people shove their bread at me. What I hear, the undercurrent: "I'm careful about what I eat so I'm giving this to you." It's a bit like the dieters who bake incredible desserts and then offer them to others, never taking a bite themselves. There is something aggressive about it. To me.

The sad thing is that this aspect of these friends makes me think twice about doing things with them. And that's a shame because in other ways they are really fun to be with.


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Oct. 3rd, 2005 01:07 pm (UTC)
That is annoying.

The cliff notes of dieters...boring!

Next time one of them shoves their bread at you with the "I'm careful about what I eat, you take my bread" attitude I'd shove it right back at them.

Some people get so engrossed in themselves they become insensitive to others.
Oct. 3rd, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
I think there is an element there of selfishness, yes. Of lack of attention to the other.

I consider this a variation of the interminable diet talk at work! That, thank heaven, seems to have slowed lately. At times there is nothing else to be heard. As if there werent' anything else to talk about.
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