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I have been keeping the window next to my computer open, at home, to get air through the joint. I therefore hear lots of things. I hear James coming home from work, his car CD player going strong, playing Bach's Christmas Oratorio. I am also blessed by the sounds of birds, so much that I feel a lift inside. I often wonder what they are going on about. Their beautiful sounds can't be accidental. That is, the chatter of the birds probably actually is chatter. "Listen to this! Learned it just last night." "Look at me! Look at me!" "Listen to me! I'm the best singer here." "There are cats in that bush over there." "Watch out for that kid." "tweet".

This morning I heard the birds as usual and also the sound of two women talking. I couldn't make out the words, just the conversation sound, rather a lot like birds. People aren't out on the street talking much in my neighborhood - it's a mobile home park, not on the way to anywhere. People on the street tend to live here, and I usually only hear other people when they are in the pool across the street. The pool sounds are not always wonders to my ears, as these other sounds are. There is a lot of screaming. So much screaming that it makes my head ache.

A better sound is that of a party in the clubhouse, overflowing outside, people laughing and talking. Recently I heard one of these and the overall sound was ...I hate to use the word but it fits ...joyous. I thought, what a nice group of people.

This morning I went to the vending machine on our floor at work, and overheard spirited discussion about what someone said about someone else. There were people flowing in and out, adding and subtracting from the conversation. All this behind the public counter. Someone watching might think, "public servants, of course. Lazy, not doing any work." That would be wrong but it's easy to get that impression. I feel that being able to talk freely with others as I go about my work makes my time here not only bearable but pleasant, and that I do better work because of it. The ebb and flow of the voices is like music to me.

Similarly, I still remember the sound of the people on the sidewalks in Spanish Harlem in New York City in 1998 as I rolled past on my bicycle. Energetic, loud, wonderful. REally music. I am sure it has been done but I think these sounds could be combined to make one hell of a recording. I'd buy it.
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