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I got home at about ten last night. Elaine, Ed, and I spent most of the day at the Burbank Ikea and realized we should have gone on a weekday, perhaps in the morning. Crowds! Not only in the store but outside, where you have to get in yet another line with your vehicle, to pick stuff up that you can't carry.

Yes, we do pay in other ways for this wonderful stuff.

In the end, e & e, with their rented van, had acquired almost everything they had set out for - to furnish their home office mainly. I accumulated a few things of my own, which I managed to heft to the car, exhausted, legs aching. My efforts were somewhat hampered by my not remembering what level of the parking garage we had parked in - and when I called Ed to ask he wasn't entirely sure - that is, after a few tries when I couldn't get through at all (Ed and Elaine were still wrestling with boxes inside Ikea). I discovered that my panic button is not working correctly. I will have to let the Honda people know. I tried to use it to find the car - press the button, the car honks continually, like an annoying alarm, until you press the button again. I held the key up high and pressed and pressed, and turned around and tried different angles. When I finally found the car I tried it again, aiming right at it, and it did not work. Good to know. Wish I had checked that when I was getting the car serviced the other day.

elaine did well. She was inclined to walk away at one point, leaving everything behind. But common sense overruled. After the ordeal was over we met in Chevy's restaurant, which is right at the entrance to the garage. I was not wanting to walk much further. We had an interesting experience there. Elaine and Ed ordered coffee and cokes. I ordered a sparkling water. The coffee cups came with forks in them. Ed asked the server why the forks and she said they were out of spoons. Ed and Elaine noticed that the glasses weren't quite clean, had little bits o f things on them.

We ordered a "farmers market quesadilla". It sounded great. Artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, and on and on, on a spinach tortilla. After a bit of a wait, the server told us the cook had dropped it and had to make another. Fine, we'd wait. When it arrived we were all hungry. It didn't seem like what we'd ordered but that wouldn't be the first time things sounded better than they were. So I ate, in spite of not particularly liking the taste of the sauce. Elaine dipped hers in the salsa to cover the taste. When we got to the last bite, Ed discovered it had a shrimp in it. Then we put it all together and realized we'd gotten the wrong one. We'd gotten the crab-shrimp quesadilla. After a bit of discussion Ed told the server what had happened. It was a little embarrassing that we had eaten the whole thing but worse was that none of us had liked it. I found myself wondering why anyone would like it, particularly for three bucks more than the heavenly thing we thought we were getting.

The server apologized and took the item off the check. She also took off the cokes, so the bill was just for coffee and bottled water. We left a decent tip - Ed did - and left. It seems like that particular Chevy's was having a lot of trouble yesterday. I wonder if it always does. Made me remember that the one in Las Vegas, on Flamingo, has gone out of business. Too many days like yesterday's would do it.

From there we separated. I found my way to the 101 and headed north. I was SO tired. I stopped a couple of times to rest in the car and once in Santa Barbara for some food to eat in the car. Somehow eating seems to keep me awake when I am driving. By the time I had finished it I was okay again, but by then I was on San Marcos Pass, which is again under construction in parts, meaning it wasn't so easy to figure out where I was a lot of the time. Cones here and there, darkness. But it was fine, I got through and home. I didn't even take my suitcase in with me, just went to bed. Not long after, I woke to find Stretch with me. Lovely, snuggly Stretch.

Elaine and Ed also got home, later than I, longer drive, and even unloaded everything and got it into their second-floor apartment. Good for them! They are both going to school and work today. Not me. Just the rehearsal tonight. I am still tired.

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