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Judith Lautner

Tripping in LA

I drove to Los Angeles Thursday morning, arriving at the hotel in Hollywood before noon. Karol had already been here since Tuesday. We hooked up and went to our meeting at the Goldstein office in Century City.

This has been a time of seeing several Lautner projects in a more relaxed setting. The Goldstein office is a remarkable remodel of office space in a high-rise building. It is threatened with demolition because Goldstein's lease is up at the end of this month and the new tenants want to gut everything on the floor. So we have filed an application for cultural monument status with the city of LA. That process is moving and may actually succeed, but of course this status does not really protect the space from someone who is determined to destroy it.

AFter that meeting we had dinner at an old restaurant on Vermont - Dresden. Nothing has changed in it since the 1950s. It's amazing.

Yesterday we first met at the Sheats-Goldstein house in Beverly Hills, where we toured, met with Wim deWit of the Getty, and someone else in charge there. We are trying to convince them to not only take the John Lautner archive, but also this house when the present owner dies - and wills it to them. It's going to take some work. They have some legitimate concerns but the opportunity would be amazing if they can allow themselves to see it. I still feel hopeful that we'll be able to get this to happen.

I had never gone down to the Murrell "skyspace" at that home. It is down several steps outside, winding down the hillside, and is like a white vault. In space. With colors changing, music...hard to describe this thing, rather an optical illusion. After we had huffed our way back up, we had lunch, sandwiches Chris brought from Mayfair, a remarkable market in Hollywood. We discussed the idea with the two Getty guests, offered many different scenarios. We'll see. But it looks like we may have to bring in someone higher than this woman to override some of her objections. To realize it's a unique opportunity for the Getty and they should jump for it.

From there, a meeting at the Hammer with the people developing an exhibit on John Lautner. Actually, they aren't developing it so much as funding it. They are hiring our man Frank and Nicholas Oldsberg as co-curators, and those two have wonderful exciting ideas for an exhibit like none other. The Hammer is also very excited and is committed to it as well. We discussed our relationship with them in terms of the use of the archive materials and other things. Itw as an amiable meeting. I couldn't help but notice, not for the first time, that the Hammer museum space is sterile and uninteresting, regardless of the collection. that is, the building itself is nothing special. There is no special feeling there. But these folks are competent and I am sure this will be an amazing exhibit. It will be their main one in 2008. Banners on the street, the whole thing.

From there, the studio for current tv. I got to see this amazing reproduction of the chemosphere while it was not in use. Met the main guys. We weren't there long, but I got to enjoy it and take some pix.

Back to the hotel,where we rested up, then went back to the studio for the party. A really nice party, 25-30 people, food, wine, conversation, lots of goodwill, and I did an interview. Current tv is putting together a documentary on John Lautner and is interviewing all kinds of people. It should be really good. When Karol was interviewed, they did her makeup, so that is what I was expecting. So I didn't wear any. As it turned out nobody got made up. I just hope the lighting was reasonably flattering. What you see is me, no help for it.

A woman who was there, an architectural writer, told me she liked my blouse. I told her my daughther had found it in a thrift shop. She was surprised, said she thought it very architectural and dramatic, appropriate for my role.

Karol leaves today. I go to the Garcia house in the afternoon. Elaine and Ed show up later, probably five or later. Tomorrow we three go to Ikea. I noticed at the Hammer that when they offered us water the water was in glasses from Ikea. Good for them. I hope my pix are good! I can't really tell. I left my laptop at home so can't upload them. I might get impatient and go to a drugstore and print some out or create a CD. I'll think about it. Back home tomorrow night. These trips are good but I am really not comfortable in a lot of these situations. I am naturally more of an intravert and have trouble being totally with people constantly.

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