Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Chi and Me

I'm reading a book called Feng Shui for Wimps. I don't anticipate going off the deep end with this concept. In fact, I'm already scanning paragraphs in this big, bright book, filled with large photographs.

But I do know if there ever was a place that needed re-energizing, it's my home. Or, in some cases, de-energizing.

So I'm willing to try a few things. Put my head facing north at night, for example. Turn my desk east.

I took this book with me when I went downtown this afternoon. I had some little errands to do, then I thought I'd see if there were a movie I might want to watch. So I trekked around downtown centre, headed out for the other theaters, discovered that they were playing Crash in an hour, and wandered into 2Dogs Cafe for a cappuccino and computer check while I was waiting. The chick behind the counter was babbling to her friend, her customer, and messing up her drink in the process. It took her an unreal amount of time to pull that together, during which time the two of them chattered about a guy they both knew who was trying to get mad at them. "He's got issues," said the customer. "You know what he was doing? He was erasing all of our phone numbers from his cell phone. That's why he didn't call you."

Finally she took her blended drink with the deficient whipped cream to a computer and the clerk took my order. She took an unreal amount of time with mine as well, and used the wrong kind of milk. I wasn't up to suggesting that she do it again, right, after that. I asked for a pound of coffee beans while I was at it, requested "Black Dalmation". That sounded about right - friendly but big. They were out of it so she talked me into another type, easily - I really didn't care, I'll drink whatever they have - and took some time finding a label to put on it. Finally I had my cap and my computer. I checked email and got off, took a seat at the window with my feng shui book.

You should sit against the wall - this I already knew - with a view of the door - hey, who doesn't know that...- make sure there's plenty space in front of you - my table was squeezing me - be able to look out the window but don't necessarily face it. I did that.

There is probably some kind of good energy downtown. I didn't bring a circle with directions on it to see what was facing what, but I bet if a feng shui expert took a look he or she would find that it's a good place all around. I always feel better there.

I went to the theater, got my ticket and popcorn, and sat with four other people to watch Crash. This theater hardly ever seems full. Seems desperate for customers, really. Which was fine for me today. I got a nice seat at the very back with lots of room in front of me. And I liked the flick. Not a perfect film but worth seeing, and oddly uplifting after all, surprising. While watching it, occasionally I caught a whiff of the fresh coffee beans. How nice that was.

I left the theater and walked through the new Court Street Center, stopping in the Pottery Barn to look around. I was transfixed, I have to admit. I was loving the things, the things. So beautiful. I was seeing many of these lovely furnishings and glassware and bags of sand and rocks as the perfect feng shui purchases. Yet I did manage to resist actually buying any of them. In time I will go back, when I know for sure what I want.

I settled in outside in Downtown Centre, watching people. I pulled out my camera and got a few glimpses of the life around me, which I always love to see. The downtown is dominated by college students who do have a certain look of their own, but there are always others as well, like the guy with the hat that he had roped around his head, sort of safari-like. I love catching people unaware but can't do that entirely. Still, I got a few.

It's nice being alone sometimes.

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