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I'm thinking of taking in a play on my way home tonight. The play is Cannery Row, the place is Salinas. That would mean I'd get back on the road at about ten...Get home quite late. So either stay in a motel or tough it out, depending on how awake I am. I don't especially like driving at night because my night vision isn't great, but I do like it in other ways.

It seems foolish to do this, yet it's an opportunity to see a play in another community, a local play developed from the book, and it could be a good experience.

On my way up I stopped in King City for lunch. Usually I just pull into a shopping center near the highway but this time I decided to find the downtown. I did, and I ate at a pizza place. It's rather a typical older downtown, trying to scrape by. I found myself thinking about what I would do if I found myself stuck in King City. It's interesting to me to explore other places in this way. I would have looked for what is of interest. One thing that is, for sure, is the number or tortillerias there. I was tempted to stop in and buy a dozen fresh tortillas but I managed to restrain myself. I also looked at the downtown from the perspective of the visiting planner. What needs to be done to make this downtown more vital? It's a tough question and I don't think street furniture is the answer.


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Aug. 27th, 2005 12:53 pm (UTC)
I really envy you your bravery (that is how I see it) of easy traveling and going to interesting places...

As I grow older and have more crises in my life, I find myself battening down and withdrawing more and more, staying in my head and less in the world.

I hope you do go to the play.
Aug. 29th, 2005 02:51 am (UTC)
As you might have seen, no, I didn't go to the play. But not for want of trying. I don't know what this is, the way I seek out adventures. I don't think of it as bravery. More a way of exploring what I can of the world. Sometimes I feel sadness that I can't begin to know much about the world. But somehow I almost always feel a delight at getting these tastes.

Also, I seem to find this delight more when I am alone. When I am with others my delight is mixed with a sense of responsibility toward my companion(s). I can enjoy what I see and feel but it is rare that I feel as full a sense of enjoyment as I do when I am alone.

But!! When I do make good finds I love sharing them with others. Almost a proprietary feeling, like I created these things.
Aug. 29th, 2005 02:53 am (UTC)
It strikes me that you too explore and present your finds to others. Yours might be a garden gnome that you turn into a story. And a good story at that. Rather more creative, I'd say.
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