Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

And finally

Today. We met at the Nautical Bean for a quick breakfast - breakfast wraps and burritos and bagels and various coffee drinks - and then went to Los Osos for the Elfin Forest hike. Not much of a hike, really, a walk on a boardwalk in a beautiful bayside location. An overlook where we could hear and see the water birds. Little side paths where we could enter the mysterious wonderful mythical elfin forest.

We finished at about noon. Ed and Elaine took off for home then, in Elaine's car. Mary, Marty, and I headed for SLO, where we hung out at the downtown centre, checked out a few more trout, had lunch, and then took off for the airport.

Airport screening in little SLO is actually fairly hilarious. They search EVERY bag. They get so damned serious about it that they told Mary that if they had not arrived by three (the plane was scheduled to leave at 3:30) they absolutely would not be allowed on the plane. There are so few people in this tiny airport and somehow I suspect there have been NO terrorist activities ever, and damned if I can think of why there ever would be. When they learned that Joey had not been "listed" - his dad signed him up for a standby ticket but neglected to "list" him - they almost didn't let him board. We all know that six-year-olds are tough characters, very likely to spring a box cutter at a moment's notice. It didn't help that just when the guy was about to relent, Joey asked his mom, "are we flying America Worst"?

Yeah, Joey's dad told Mary that Southwest employees laughingly refer to America West as Worst...

They let him on, the three boarded, and the plane took off...whew...I just got a text message that they are home. They had to fly to Phoenix and change planes there, so the flight was not so short.

So yeah. We had a great visit and they are home now. Hot again. Not me.

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