Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Wineries, trout, dinner and a movie

Yesterday was another long day. I felt it mostly went well and several of us had a good time. There were some suggestions that not all was satisfactory to all, however.

In the morning, Ed and I hung at the 2 Dogs cafe with our laptops while the rest of the gang visited with Mary & Elaine's dad in Morro Bay. After the visit, Ed, Elaine and I went winetasting while Mary, Marty, and Joey stayed with Mary's dad. They did a little "touring" - Roy always does tours - and ended at Wal-Mart, where Roy told Joey he could have anything in the store that he wanted. Joey chose a $23 handheld game. A lot easier to haul home than a bicycle, for example.

E,E, and I hit five or six wineries, ranging from a temporary trailer to a fancy schmancy estate. We liked a lot of wines and bought a few bottles - Ed got 12, I got 11, Elaine was our designated driver so she didn't choose any wines. I didn't finish most of the tastes. They were fairly generous swigs and I felt I would soon be getting a headache if I did.

It was a beautiful day and highway 46 was lovely if a bit brown, and it took all afternoon just to do this little bit. It would be easy to spend a week or more going to all of the wineries just in the Paso area. We met cats, we saw unusual restrooms, we tried several different crackers and in one place got to taste some roasted garlic olive oil.

We went back to Morro Bay to load up the cars and head for SLO for dinner at Big Sky. Belatedly I called Paul, who joined us. We brought in some of our wine and Paul brought a bottle too, and we all had wonderful meals, as usual. When it looked like we were winding down, Paul excused himself, left the restaurant. When we left we hunted down some of the trout about downtown and finally ended up at a movie after nine. By this time, Joey was hyper, Marty was a bit darkly quiet, and Mary was so tired she slept through much of the flick - as did Joey.

We agreed to meet for breakfast this morning at a nice place downtown. Perhaps we'll see a few more trout together. This afternoon the teams head out. So I need to get my wine out of the car and get myself dressed.

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