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Amazing day

In spite of being very tired, we all had a terrific day yesterday. I picked up Marty, Mary, and Joey at the motel and met Ed and Elaine on the beach. It was drizzling, cool, great weather for walking or running on the beach. We picked up our bags, and of course I put on my new T-shirt immediately.

Ed, Elsa, Jade, Joey and I walked, while Marty, Mary, and Elaine ran. we walkers just did 5K while those others did 10K. It was a nice opportunity to chat with Elsa and Ed - Ed mainly because Elsa got ahead of us, and to watch Joey and Jade run and walk and have a few conversations together. Jade took a good pic of Joey with his disposable camera, and I got a good shot of her doing it.

It was a bit hard on my knees and I got a blister on one foot, in spite of using vaseline before I put on my socks yesterday. The mood was friendly throughout. We just barely beat a pair of 80-something sisters. ANd there was a guy way older than I who ran in ahead of most of us.

We were all sweaty and achey after the run. We talked of going to Sycamore Springs for a soak in the hot tub but couldn't get the logistics right. So instead we went back to motels and my home, cleaned up, met at Mary's motel and headed for the Avila Village Deli for lunch. We sat in the patio with our delicious wraps and soups and drinks, enjoying the weather and each other.

We really packed it in. From there we stopped at a nearby winery and then a nearby apple farm, where we tasted wine and apples and cider and I bought wine and apples and cider and apple caramels. Then the melodrama. As in Great American Melodrama. The melodrama did its usual excellent job of entertaining us, and we did a singalong as well as the boos, hisses, and cheers. Joey was showing the wear by then and didn't understand all of the show but occasionally got into booing. Such a cool place! Everyone should have one. Or no, they shouldn't. Leave it alone, let us have it.

And then dinner at Thai Talay in Pismo, where we were not disappointed. Amazing dishes and an amazing dessert - a coconut custard baked in a coconut shell. We all shared because there was enough of it for everyone.

I slept rather well and suspect everyone else did too. Today is another day...I have to get showered and dressed and off to our next event...


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