Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Getting clean teeth

I never look forward to getting my teeth cleaned, but sometimes it is a good experience. When I walked in today, I noticed that the decorating demon had had her way with the place again. More, even, than usual. There was a nautical theme this time, perhaps because there is no holiday soon that has easy symbols. Shells, starfish, something that looked like an aquarium. Stones surrounding a burning candle - that one gave me pause. Seathings strung from the ceiling.

This is the decorator's favorite technique. Hanging things straight down from the ceiling. I first noticed it in the patient rooms: Christmas balls, Easter eggs, hearts. The hygeinist is not fond of these touches but she's kind; she doesn't actually tell me whose fault they are.

Because of this stuff, which I noticed, which I could not not mention, I started telling Anne about the craft shows I have taken to watching in the early mornings. It became very funny. She thinks it's good material - so do I. She told me some odd stories about persons she has known that also struck me as good material. Much of the hour there, it seemed, was spent talking. Of course it is hard for me to talk with instruments in my mouth so it took longer than usual. I didn't mind; I don't think she did.

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