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I intended to take care of some paperwork yesterday. Didn't exactly get to it. Instead, I ran errands, and then went to a concert at the PAC with Dorothy. Youth Symphony, helped by "ringers" in various sections, performing the Mauldau by Smetana, a premiere piece written by a local composer, and Beethoven's third piano concerto. The conductor was Kent Nagano, local boy made good, who was in the youth sympony in its very first incarnation lo these many years ago. He was joined by his sister, who conducted the Smetana - the program notes that she currently runs a travel agency in Morro Bay - and by his wife, Mari Kodama, who played the piano in the Beethoven.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The symphony is surprisingly good for a gang of teenagers, which is a hopeful sign for the future. The Smetana was lovely lovely. Garry Eister's piece was about the Japanese internment camps in WWII, and featured mezzo soloist Jackie Kreitzer, another local with world-wide ties to the musical world, and Andy Harp, local broadcaster and musician, as narrator. The format of the piece made it very audience-friendly, "accessible" as they say.

For me, though, the Beethoven was clearly the highlight. All of the works were polished and performed beautifully, but this one featured Mari Kodama, and I love to watch her play. I have two CDs of hers that I have almost worn out. She is particularly known for her interpretations of Beethoven, although I was mesmerized by her playing of the Prokofiev piano concerto no. 3 a couple of years ago. She is such an excellent musician. Her technical skill is awe-inspiring, and she uses it to get the most musically from a piece. The horns - both of them - in the symphony were having a bad night, particularly in this piece, but that didn't mar my appreciation of the concerto. A tough challenge for the symphony.

What a treat! A top world conductor and pianist performing with a local youth symphony. The premiere of a new piece of music. There is no comparison between listening to a CD and actually watching a performance like this.


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Jun. 24th, 2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
I keep setting off to deliver your stuff (it's been sitting in the back of my car for weeks now) and then something gets in the way. I promise I'll get it to you after work today. I'll drop by your office and if you aren't available I can put it near the door or somewhere clever.
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